Custom Prints

GO Fast Camper Drip Edge

Created for the Gen 1 Go fast Camper, this Drip edge created a solution for water leaking into the seats when it rained.

Battlebot Shell

This Battlebot shell was printed for the Lee Summit Technology Academy Robotics Club. It withstood mutliple  rounds competing against other highschool and even college robotic teams.

Dishwasher Replacement Part

Sometimes the best way to find a solutions is to think outside the box. Rather than purchase an expensive replacement piece from the dishwasher manufacturer, we were able to create a piece for a fraction of the cost.

Faucet Handles

After a ceramic faucet handle broke due to a medicine cabinet falling on it, this customer was frustrated to find out their handles were no longer in production and couldn’t be replaced. We modeled new ones off the remaining intact handle and were able to Cerekote the prints to look like the original versions.

Custom Fixtures

This fixture was made for a manufacturing company that needed a fixture fast and inexpensive. It worked great holding their part while they finished the manufacturing process.


Customer had their plastic gear break and asked us to provide a replacement. We were able to model it and print a new gear with our carbon fiber infused nylon for a more durable and long lasting part.