The T-Cubed is the second generation of our Tac Table.

We have designed the T-Cubed to utilize an “Arca Adaptor” and continue being used as a standard “Tac Table”. In this setup, there are two 1/4-20 threads that allow range finders or binos to attach directly to our T-Cubed while mounted on a tripod. However, you also have the ability to remove the arca adaptor and use our T-Cubed as a “Tac Plate” and mount it to an Arca Rail on the bottom of your rifle. There are slots added for bags with straps that can be attached to the T-Cubed if desired.

We are working on additional accessories for this product such as a wind flag, thumb rest and an additional plate to mount and remove binos quicker. If you have an accessory you would like us to make for this product, feel free to email us or fill out our contact page.


Our second iteration of the tac table but much improved. We have combined the idea of the tac table with a tac plate that can attach to your rifle. This allows for seamless transitions between multiple product platforms while keeping everything extremely light weight.

Additional information

Dimensions 9.0 × 5.0 × 0.7 in